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Daily maintenance methods for corn combine harvesters

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Daily maintenance methods for corn combine harvesters

    After long-term operation, the corn Combine harvester will inevitably show some faults. If the faults are not removed in time, the operation will be affected and some losses will be caused. Although it is guaranteed by the manufacturer, it is far from enough. Therefore, we must master some knowledge of corn Combine harvester maintenance. Here's how to repair the corn Combine harvester yourself:

1. Riveted parts in the harvester. Rivets, such as moving knife assemblies, are generally made by cold extrusion and should not be heated during riveting, as heating can reduce the strength of the material. After riveting, use a forming punch to double the willow to strengthen the robustness of the blade and cutting rod.

2. Vulnerable parts, especially pins, plates, sleeves, and shims. In maintenance, it is not advisable to replace replacement parts and repairs with excessive butter. Prolonged use of components that have worn to the limit will result in a reduction in the lifespan of other machinery.

3. Shaft repair without balancing machine. When repairing various types of shafts that require balance, a thrust bearing can be installed at one end of the shaft, clamped on the three claws of the lathe, and the other end can be supported by a top. If the lathe is short, a center frame can be used to clamp the bearing installed on the shaft at the other end until balance is corrected. But when balancing, tighten with screws and try not to use welding method for balancing.

4. Due to the wide variety of material models and difficulty in purchasing during maintenance, waste shafts can be used for processing. At present, most of the axle types in China are made of 45 # carbon bonded steel. If quenching and tempering are required, under poor conditions, oxygen or earth furnace can be used to heat the required parts to red, medium, and black, and place them in salt water, depending on the demand.

5. When machining sleeve parts, try to pull oil grooves in the sleeve holes as much as possible. Due to the difficulty of refueling certain parts of small corn harvesters, butter and heavy engine oil can be used in areas where refueling is difficult, except for nylon sleeves. Where nylon sleeves are used, it is best to use cast iron, copper, or aluminum instead, as nylon sleeves bear certain punching and deformation.

6. Repair the keys and keyways on the pulley and shaft. It should be ensured that the size remains unchanged in advance and the size of the key cannot be increased, otherwise it will affect the strength of the shaft. The keyway on the shaft can be repaired by welding with electric welding filler in the opposite direction of the old key. The keyway on the pulley can be inserted with a sleeve (transition fit) measure. After being inserted, use countersunk screws to thread and tighten the key in the sleeve seam.

7. Maintenance of the hydraulic part of the corn Combine harvester. Remove the distributor and flow reducing valve, etc. The air pump excites and flushes the various pipe fittings, and the hydraulic oil should be filtered and discharged during secondary installation. The maintenance of hydraulic assembly is important for the sealing parts, and it is best to replace the sealing parts after removing them.

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