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Fire prevention knowledge for household appliances

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Fire prevention knowledge for household appliances

 Fire prevention of electric household appliances

1. Fire prevention measures for electric furnaces

① Qualified products should be purchased During use, someone should take care of it. ③ The countertop is made of non combustible material. There should be no combustible materials stored nearby. ④ Pay attention to the matching of the power and wire model of the electric heating stove. ⑤ Keep the connection and insertion parts in good contact and dry.

2. Fire prevention measures for electric Space heater

① Avoid electric heating appliances being too close to surrounding objects; ② Pay attention to the matching of wiring model and electrical power; ③ Prevent long-term operation under overvoltage or low voltage; ④ To prevent short circuits caused by long-term thermal aging of insulators; ⑤ Install short circuit and leakage protection devices.

 Fire prevention of non electric household appliances

1. Fire prevention measures for air conditioners

① Do not place combustible curtains near the window air conditioner Remember to cut off the power supply of the electric heating part when turning off the electric heating air conditioner. If cooling is required, it should be maintained for two minutes Do not stop or turn on the air conditioner continuously for a short period of time. Do not forget to place the switch in the "stop" position during a power outage. ④ The installation and connection of the power circuit of the air conditioner should meet the requirement of a rated current of not less than 5-15 amperes. And separate overload protection devices should be installed.

2. Fire prevention measures for televisions: ① Ensure that the rear of the refrigerator is dry and ventilated. ② Prevent the compressor, condenser, and power cord from coming into contact. ③ Do not store ether and other low boiling Flammable liquid in the refrigerator. If it is necessary to store them, the thermostat should be modified outside the machine first. ④ Do not rinse the refrigerator with water to prevent the temperature control electrical switch from becoming damp and malfunctioning. ⑤ Do not frequently turn on or turn on the refrigerator. Only after stopping for 5 minutes can the refrigerator be restarted Do not connect the power grounding wire to the gas pipeline.

① It is not suitable to watch continuously for a long time, especially during hot seasons When turning off the TV, turn off the power switch and cut off the power Ensure good ventilation around the TV. ④ Prevent the TV from getting damp. ⑤ Outdoor antennas are not used in thunderstorms.

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