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Laser Marking Machine


Product Description

1.Compared with the traditional mechanical marking, chemical corrosion, screen printing, printing ink etc., the Fiber laser marking machine carving has the advantages of low cost, high flexibility, environmental protection; It's easy to control and operation by the computer system. The laser beam on the workpiece surface generated by the strong permanent marker is its outstanding characteristic.

It is widely used for stainless steel, copper, aluminum and oxidation plating. It is often used in hardware, daily necessities, electrical appliances, mobile phone shell, precision parts, plastic, PC, ABS and other materials.



Model HY-MF01
Laser Power 20W/30W/50W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Frenquency 20-80HZ
Standard Marking range 110mm*110mm,180mm*180mm
CDR, DWG etc.
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Option Marking range 300mm*300mm/400mm*400mm
Marking Depth <=0.3mm
Marking Speed <=7000mm/s
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Repeatability accuracy ±0.002mm
Electricity requirement 220V/50Hz/60Hz/2A
the whole Power consumption 500W

4.Advangtages :
1) Non- contact marking: Laser marking is processed to non- mechanical "knife", can be marked on the printing surface of any regular or irregular, and marking the workpiece does not produce internal stress,ensuring the accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion on the work surface, no "tool" wear, no poison, no pollution.
2). Permanent: The markings will not subsided for the environmental relations (touch, acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low  temperature, etc.)
3). High engraving precision: laser marking machine engraving items, fine lines, minimum line width of up to 0.04mm. The markings are clear, durable and beautiful. Laser marking can meet the needs of printing large quantities of data on minimal plastic parts. For example, we can print two-dimensional barcode with higher precision and higher definition, and have stronger market competitiveness compared with the way of stamping or marking.
4). The running cost is low: the marking speed is fast and the mark is formed at once, and the energy consumption is small, so the running cost is low. Although the laser marking machine has more equipment investment than the traditional marking equipment, it is much lower from the running cost and longer lifetime.
5). High Efficiency: The laser beam controlled by the computer can move at high speed (5~7 meters per second), and the marking process can be completed in a few seconds.6). Anti-fake: laser marking technology, carved out of the mark is not easy to imitate and change, to a certain extent, has a strong anti-fake.

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