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Let you understand the herbal transplanter

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Let you understand the herbal transplanter

The medicinal herb transplanting machine consists of individual planting units, each driven by ground wheels, and can be used in conjunction with tractors of different sizes to form a 2-6 row transplanting machine with the characteristics of building blocks.

Rotary cup feeder:

The medicinal herb transplanting machine adopts a rotating cup feeder. The feeder consists of several feeding cups, whose diameter corresponds to the size of the seedling pot. There is a valve under each feeding cup, and the opening and closing of the valve are controlled by a cam mechanism. When the feeding cup is turned to the upper part of the seedling guide tube, the valve opens, allowing the seedlings to fall, and then closes. When the feeding cup is closed, the seedlings can be fed. Therefore, it is possible to increase the manual feeding time and perform fast and continuous feeding operations, feeding 60-70 particles per minute. This is currently the fastest feeding speed for medicinal herb transplanters in the world. Due to the limited frequency of manual seeding, the limit value of the cup feeder is 70 plants/min. If the limit is exceeded, the limit is 70 plants per minute, and the operator will feel nervous and lack seeds.

After the seedlings fall from the guide tube, they fall into the seedling ditch opened by the trenching machine through a channel formed by the support rod. Due to the support of the seedling support rod, the seedling will not tilt in other directions and is in an upright state. When the trencher moves forward, the roots of the seedlings are first covered by the soil returning from the end of the trencher, forming a layer of soil cover. At this point, the support rod of the seedlings is still covered with soil buried in the soil. When the medicinal plant transplanting machine moves forward, the V-shaped pressure wheel pushes the soil on the ditch wall downwards, forming a second layer of coverage and compaction. At this point, the seedling support rod moves upwards relative to the seedling, continuing to play the role of seedling support, preventing the seedling from being crushed or buried by the soil during the compaction process. As the machine advances, the seedling support rod gradually separates from the seedling, completing the planting task of the seedling, and the planting process of the seedling also comes to an end. The use of a grid format seedling raising device greatly improves the verticality of the seedlings and the stability of sowing quality.

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