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Measure Africa with Your Feet -Serve the World with Your Heart

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Measure Africa with Your Feet -Serve the World with Your Heart

    With the domestic construction machinery entering a stable period, overseas development prospects have become broader, and most domestic main engine manufacturers have begun to enter the overseas market to assist in global construction and development.

    Junanda, as a company that has been deeply rooted overseas for many years, has always been accepting the voice of the market and striving to meet the needs of global customers with the best service and products. To this end, the overseas expert team of Shantui Excavator has been traveling in groups to 7 continents and 4 oceans around the world since May, delving deep into the frontline, conducting customer visits and technical guidance.

    The first stop is the Republic of Ghana, a country known as the "Hometown of Cocoa" and the "Gold Coast", which has rich mineral resources, including gold, diamonds, Bauxite, iron ore, manganese, oil and natural gas, as well as rich fishery, forest and tourism resources. Since entering the Ghanaian market, Shantui excavator has gained high recognition from users due to its excellent performance and quality, and has become the Chinese brand with the highest export growth rate in Africa.

    The Ghanaian market mainly focuses on gold mining conditions, and has high requirements for the stability and reliability of excavators. During the on-site visit, the Junanda excavator service team actively addressed customer feedback on walking speed issues and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the customer's equipment, including the engine, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc., to ensure normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, the team provided standardized guidance to customers during the use process, even if there were delays or minor obstacles in language communication, but customers expressed appreciation for their professional skills and gave them thumbs up.

    Measuring Africa with our feet and serving the world with our heart "is not just a slogan. Junanda Excavator will continue to adhere to the service concept of" customer satisfaction is our goal ", and steadily move forward in the globalization process of construction machinery development. With the best products and services, we will create greater value for our customers.

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