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Nut Baking Machine


Product Description

Application: one key operation, time saving and labor saving.
1.Grain beans:can automatically roast well on soybeans, cocoa beans, corn, wheat, sorghum, Oats, buckwheat, red beans, mung beans, black beans, peanuts, garbanzo beans, broad beans, rice, millet etc.
2. Nuts:roasting well on peanut, sunflower seed, chestnut, cashew, peanut kernels, pistachio nuts, pecans , cashew nuts,
walnuts, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, cumin, spices, poppy, chloe, castor, pumpkin seeds, fig etc take Smokeless roasting and drying to eat.
3. Vegetables:all kinds of vegetables dehydration or tea drying.
4. Medicinal herbal:Tea or herbal leaf roasting process .
5. Medicinal materials:drying or steamed fry
6. Oil press seeds:all kinds of seeds raw material before oil processing, heat treatment the seeds dehydration or steamed fry, make it soft and easy to press out oil.

1. Chinese first electric heating roaster machine was born here.
2. Far-infrared heating technology and pot superconductivity heating technology applied in electric roaster machine.
3. Function of ventilate and moisture removing.
4. The core technology beyond the latecomers with patent.
5. Professional roaster manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience with mil itary industrial quality assurance.
6. Different models to meet your variable requirement, multiple application in roasting all kind of grains, nuts merchandise,
seasonings, herbs, tea, grain powder, etc.
7. Far infrared inner pot with patent, heat quickly, heat evenly, thermostatic heating, with stable quality with it beginner can
roast good quality material.
8. Famous electric components, control precision, easy operation.
9. Chain drive, long use life, no need to change all the lifetime.
10. Food grade 304 stainless steel, durable, safe and high-end.
11. Professional developing team and after-sales technical team, offer customize service according to your need.


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