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The working principle and characteristics of a chocolate bean pouring and forming machine

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The working principle and characteristics of a chocolate bean pouring and forming machine

The function of a chocolate bean pouring molding machine:

    This machine uses chocolate paste to form chocolate beans of different shapes, such as spherical, egg shaped, MMbean shaped, etc., by directly cold pressing on rollers. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, accurate weight, good product quality, and good taste.

    This machine is a processing equipment for producing chocolate cores of colored (sugar coated) chocolate beans or chocolate beans without sugar coating. The shape of the chocolate bean core is determined by the shape of the mold. Our company can customize mold shapes according to customer requirements (such as M-bean, olive, triangular, cashew, ball, etc.)

Characteristics of the chocolate bean pouring molding machine:

The entire production process operates under fully automatic and enclosed conditions. Less affected by environmental temperature and humidity, hygienic. Suitable for continuous scale production. The machine is equipped with two sets of molds, each with an independent production process, which can simultaneously produce two different shapes of products. The machine is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation. And it has a visual monitoring system. Compared to traditional production process equipment, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, and good product taste.

Detailed Introduction:

    The chocolate bean production line is an equipment developed by our company through the introduction of foreign technology. This equipment is fully enclosed for production, avoiding the problem of low hygiene standards due to excessive personnel exposure, and meeting food hygiene production standards. In addition, it is less affected by environmental temperature and humidity, making it an ideal equipment for chocolate production enterprises. This equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, large output, good taste of the finished product, high performance, simple and convenient operation, and high degree of automation.

Technical parameters:

Production capacity: 100-300kg/h

Number of molds: 2 sets

Optimal forming temperature: -24-22 ℃

Refrigerator low temperature: -30~-28 ℃

Tunnel temperature: 5-8 ℃

High rotational speed of forming mold: 1.5r/min

Refrigerator specification: 20P

Total cooling power: 17.13KW

Total power of the host: 28.23Kw

Total power of discharge tank: 8.75KW

Storage tank with large storage capacity: 300L

Overall dimensions of the host: 10610 × two thousand and ninety × 2862mm

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