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Three Precautions for Coupling Tractors with Agricultural Tools

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Three Precautions for Coupling Tractors with Agricultural Tools

When agricultural tractors are operating, they must be connected to agricultural tools, such as large plows, heavy rakes, and plows. If they are not properly connected, there may be danger, ranging from minor injuries to serious deaths. To ensure the safety of personnel when connecting the tractor to agricultural tools, the three "must" requirements for connecting the tractor to agricultural tools must ensure personnel safety.

1、 The tractor should be driven carefully at low speed, and pay attention to the instructions of the personnel who control the agricultural tools, and be ready to brake at any time.

2、 Personnel who are hanging agricultural tools should stand on the side of the traction rod and be prepared to avoid it. They must not cross their legs on the traction rod.

3、 When threading the traction pin, the tractor should be stopped stably and the driver should be notified before inserting the pin to prevent hand injury. After hooking, the safety chain should be connected properly, and the pin mouth should be locked according to regulations. Then, the connection parts should be carefully inspected to ensure they are firmly connected before putting into operation.

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