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What are the maintenance and characteristics of vegetable transplanters?

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What are the maintenance and characteristics of vegetable transplanters?

The vegetable transplanter produced by Weifang Junanda Trading Co., Ltd. adopts an eccentric disc connecting rod structure and a double convex disc structure, while precisely controlling the transplanting process through linkage. It uses double convex disc spinning to achieve functions such as film covering, soil covering, sowing, and hole sealing. On this basis, the problems of manual transplanting at different depths, uneven plant spacing, and low transplanting efficiency were solved, ensuring the transplanting quality and survival rate of seedlings. The following will mainly explain some maintenance contents and characteristics of vegetable transplanters for everyone:

The daily maintenance of the kitchen knife mainly includes checking whether the belt is damaged or about to break, and replacing it immediately if necessary. Next, check if there are any other impurities in the drum groove. If there are impurities, clean them in a timely manner. This is a transmission device, check if it is working properly.

Weekly maintenance content: lubricate the joints and adjustment rods of the rice transplanter with lubricating oil.

Next, check if the clutch of the rice transplanter is normal.

Secondly, add lubricating oil to the pulley to ensure normal operation. Next, check if the screws or other accessories of the transplanting machine are securely installed.

Annual maintenance content: Clean the machine well to prevent other impurities from affecting its operation. Inspect the condition of basic accessories, such as belts and grilles. Add lubricating oil to the chain and other nodes. So, it is important to choose the correct placement position to avoid rusting of the machine.

Characteristics: Good adaptability. It is used in conjunction with small four wheel tractors currently used in rural areas, forming a low-cost and easily acceptable two row tractor for farmers. The second is that it can adapt to the transplantation of various crops such as corn, cotton, sugar beet, tobacco, rapeseed, etc., and can transplant bare seedlings (soilless seedlings) and potted seedlings.

Our company focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of mechanical agricultural equipment such as vegetables, beets, oil peonies, stevia, medicinal herbs, onions, tobacco, etc. The above mainly introduces the maintenance and characteristics of vegetable transplanting machines. If you need them, you can contact us.

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