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What are the taboos when refueling chili transplant machines?

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What are the taboos when refueling chili transplant machines?

The power of the chili transplant machine mainly depends on the engine. The device may not function properly in the event of a malfunction. For a long time, the transplantation opportunities of chili peppers have been hindered, so how can we reduce or avoid this situation?

Measures to reduce or avoid:

1. Before each harvest, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance and upkeep. Repairing the engine mainly includes replacing the oil pan, cleaning the "three filters" and water tank, checking and adjusting the valve clearance and fuel supply time to achieve optimal condition. Starting the engine is easy to start. After starting, observe that the oil pressure, engine temperature, water temperature, charging, lighting, and instruments are normal.

2. After engine maintenance, it is necessary to set the speed to the specified speed, check whether the transmission mechanism and other components of the pepper transplanting machine meet the requirements, or carry out maintenance or adjustment. Lubricate the lubrication points and bearings of the entire vehicle. After the entire machine is overhauled and confirmed to be qualified through testing, it can be put into use.

Taboos for refueling chili transplanting machines:

1. Don't mix new and old oil anymore, old oil contains strong oxidizing substances. Mixing new and old oils can reduce the effectiveness of using new oils. Old oil products have poor lubrication performance and are prone to severe wear and smoke.

2. Do not overfill: When the oil level is above the upper mark, oil can easily enter the combustion chamber, causing exhaust pipe injection and producing blue smoke. This not only increases the consumption of lubricating oil, but also causes a large amount of carbon deposition in the piston crown and valve area, thereby exacerbating the wear of mechanical components of the pepper transplanting machine, and even causing the piston to be bitten or damaged.

3. Refueling in a timely manner: If refueling is not done in a timely manner, the oil level in the oil pan will be too low, causing excessive oil temperature and poor lubrication. More seriously, due to the oil level of the oil pan being lower than the lower mark of the oil gauge, the oil filter may be exposed to the oil level, causing the oil pump to be unable to supply oil through suction, leading to serious accidents such as tile burning.

The above are the measures and refueling taboos introduced by the editor to reduce the malfunction of chili transplanting machines. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message on our website.

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