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Coffee bean sheller(Customizable)


Product Description

Working principle and product features

The machine can peel the nuts without soaking in water. The peeling rate reaches more than 95%, and the nuts and peel are separated automatically. It has the characteristics of short-term automatic feeding, peeling and discharging, consistent automatic operation, practicality, power saving, small volume, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate. It is equipped with dust suction device. The vacuum cleaner can absorb the red skin and process it into an ideal half grain.
1. Before operation, check whether all transmission parts are loose and eliminate abnormal noise in time.
2. After the inspection is normal, start the fan first and then the take-up roll. Turn it off and vice versa.
3. The raw materials should be slightly baked or cooked before rubbing half. Just rub the skin with your fingers.
4. Start the suction fan and adjust the size of the damper of the suction duct according to the wind force, so that the thin skin can be rubbed off and the nuts can not be sucked off.
5. If the size of raw material particles is different, the size of rubbing half gap should also be adjusted at any time. If the
raw material particle size is large, the gap should be increased, otherwise it should be small. Generally, the flat direction of
the bean is 1 mm smaller, for reference.
6. There are two adjusting handles in front of the rubbing roller to control the adjustment gap. The forward rotation gap is
large and the reverse rotation gap is small.
7. First try rubbing with a small amount of raw materials, and then adjust the gap after seeing the crushing effect of rubbing flap.

8. After use for a period of time, regularly check whether all transmission parts and circuits are in good condition, and remove dirt in time to avoid affecting normal use.

Product Parameters

Dimensions 900*700*900mm

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