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Coffee&Tea Packaging Machine(Customizable)


Product Description

This packing unit consists of one vertical packing machine for bagging ,one set auger filler for weighing , one vertical bucket elevator for feeding , one conveyor for taking off the finished bags .It integrates functions of automatic bag-making, weighing, filling, sealing, printing, punching,  cutting and sealing into one. The advanced design has guaranteed this machine suits for different kinds of powder,like coffee powder,flour, milk powder,seasoning powder,etc. Its adjustment , operation and maintenance are very convenient.

Our Advantages
Auger fillerServo motor control auger filling
With full colour Touch Screen for better operating of the machine
Can be detached for easy clean
Simple and compact in design
All stainless steel product contact parts. Non-contact parts are stainless steel and aluminum.
Vertical packing machineThis machine own functions of bag-making,sealing,date printing,cutting,etc.
Adopts Siemens PLC & Touch Screen,PANASONIC servo motor, Japanese Photo Sensor, Korean Air valve,electrical components,etc.
Can be used for making pillow bag,gusset bag,hole-punching bag, box type bag,etc.
Can be installed with ribbon printer, thermal transfer coding machine,label sticking machine for printing dates,letters,QR code,bar code and sticking labels on bag.
Automatically form and make a bag by using roll film

Product Parameters
ModelFiller/Dosing systemBag type/
Bag Material
Roll Film widthBag size:(mm)Packaging speed
KYL320CJSL200Pillow bag/gusset  bag;
Roll film
Max 320mmW(60-150)*L(80-180)Max 60BPM
KYL420DCJSL2000Max 420mmW(80-200)*L(80-280)Max 50BPM
KYL540BCJSL2000Max 540mmW(120-260)*L(80-340)Max 40BPM
KYL730BCJSL2000/CJSL5000Max 730mmW(150-350)*L(120-460)Max 30BPM
KYL780BCJSL5000Max 780mmW(150-375)*L(120-460)Max 20BPM
KYL1100CJL25KMax 1100mmW(300-535)*L(300-650)Max 10BPM
KYL1500CJL25KMax 1500mmW(350-725)*L(300-900)Max 8BPM

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