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Chocolate Conching&refining Machinery(Customizable)


Product Description

Introduction of cocoa refining conching machine
The cocoa refining conching machine is the main equipment in the production of chocolate.chocolate refining machineis used for fine grinding of chocolate slurry. It has the dual functions of grinding and refining. It is the most ideal equipment for the production of chocolate slurry. It is also suitable for grinding jam, peanut butter, grinding bean flour, oil, Liquid and daily chemical raw materials require fine grinding, the fine grinding time is generally 16-22h, and the average fine particle size can reach 20um.

Feature Of chocolate coating line
1. High fineness of fine grinding: high-strength steel is rotated and finely ground, and the finished product has a fine and uniform particle size, and enjoys 20um silky smoothness.
2. Dehydration, deodorization, economical and efficient: set up an air outlet, slurry heat preservation and grinding, natural gas overflow, moisture removal and degassing, to achieve the purpose of refining, maintaining the natural color and aroma of chocolate, integrating fine grinding and refining.
3. Jacket heat preservation to ensure quality: the cylinder body is composed of a double jacket. Cooling water, hot water or steam can be passed through the jacket. The temperature can be controlled by electric heating. The heat preservation performance is good. The fine grinding barrel is closed design. Health and Safety.
4. Easy to adjust and easy to observe: the contact between the scraper and the inner wall lining strip of the cylinder is tight, which can be realized by the front and back extension of the umbrella adjustment. A graduated scale is installed at the rear end of the main shaft. The reading above shows the front and back expansion and contraction of the umbrella adjuster. The pointer can also be moved by the motor, and the scale indicates the degree of tightness.
5. Stable operation: The rotor is driven by a motor to drive a three-stage helical gear reduction transmission. The helical gear transmission has good meshing performance and more stable transmission. The structure is stable and durable.

Parameters Of chocolate depositor machine chocolate (mm)

Fineness (micron)20-2520-2520-2520-2520-25
Refining Time (h)7-912-1814-2018-2218-22
Host Power (Kw)2.215223755
Heating Power (Kw)27.57.599
Weight (Kg)3602800350053008500
Dimensions (mm)1100*800*11002500*1080*13702780*1330*18003320*2000*19501200*2000*1950

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