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Muti-purpose Punching And Shearing Machine(Customizable)


Product introduction

1.Introduction to the structure and properties:
Q35Y Series hydraulic combined punching&shearing machine can cut and punch all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, channel and so on.Prima hydraulic ironworkers have been designed and built to the highest quality standards in the industry. This profitable machine will serve any grueling fabrication shop for decades to come. This machine is typically in stock for quick deliveries.

2.Equipment's working environment:
1 Power supply:3Ph AC 220V/380/415 ± 10%, 50/60 HZ, optional to site.   2 ambient temperature:-10 ºC ~ 45 ºC

3.Main functions:
1)Punching: Full range of universal punches and dies are available.unique style allows for large angle iron punching and large channel punching.Large viewing window on stripper swing away design for ease of operation.large two piece gauging table with rulers and stop as standard fittings.Quick change coupling nut and sleeve for rapid replacement of change.
2)Shearing: Round and square bar shear has multiple holes for a variety of sizes. Adjustable hold down device for round/square bar,channel/beam cutting. Large strong guarding for max safety. The angle shear has the ability to cut angle at 45°both top and bottom leg. This gives the operator the ability to make a picture frame corner for perfect welds.Diamond shaped blade for quality cuts that is minimal material lost and deformity. Easily adjustable hold-down device for accurate plate cutting.Large 15″squaring arm with inlaid scale.Special anti-distorted blade for quality cutting.Lower blade has four usable edges.There is screw allow for gap adjust no shim needed.
3)Notching: Unique design allows for cutting of angle and flat bar. Electrical interlock safety guard and three gauging stops for precise positioning.The notching section of this hydraulic ironworker is perfect for notching out metal plate, angle iron and much more. The notching station also has an over sized table with material stops. This section of the machine can also be outfitted with the optional vee notcher.
4)Bending: Also bend the plate below 500mm. All the components of Machine are of the highest quality in their safety, function.

4.Main Components list:
1, Main motor: Siemens          2, Hydraulic valves and pump: Huader, Beijing, China best. Bosch optional.
2, Electrics:SCHNEIDER         4, Sealing:NOK, Japan          5,Tools:All heating treatment

5.Technical specifications:

Ramming strength (ton)6590120160200250
May cut the biggest thickness of slab16(millimeter)2025303550
Sheet intensity (Newton/millimeter 2)≤450≤450≤450≤450≤450≤450
A traveling schedule cuts the board size (thick * wide) (millimeter)16*250
35x400 25x70040*400
Slide stroke808080808080
Traveling schedule number of times (/minute)121210101010
Throat opening depth300(millimeter)355400600600600
Punch holes thickness16(millimeter)2025263540
Biggest punch holes diameter (millimeter)253035384040
Main electrical machinery power (kilowatt)557.511111522
External dimensions (long * wide * high) millimeter1750*830*20001930*900*20002200*1000*21002900*1200*26002970*1240*26503200*1440*2750
Machine weight (kg)2000310046007200950012800

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