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PU Wall Panel Rock(Customizable)


Product Description

Polyurethane carved wall panels are a popular choice for interior and exterior decoration due to their versatility and durability. These panels are made from a high-density polyurethane material that is molded and carved to create intricate designs and patterns. The manufacturing process involves using a combination skilled craftsmanship to produce panels that are both lightweight and strong. The panels can be easily installed using adhesives or mechanical fasteners for your wide choice

metal carved thermal insulation wall panel production process : Raw material preparation: select high-quality metal materials such as aluminum plates, steel plates, and galvanized plates.

Pretreatment: Surface treatment of the metal plate, such as cleaning, degreasing, derusting, pickling, etc.

Manufacture: Cutting, bending, pressing and other processes of metal plates are made into various shapes of carved and thermal insulation exterior wall panels.

Surface treatment: Carry out surface treatment on the carved and thermal insulation exterior wall panels, such as spraying, coating, anodizing, etc.

:Metal carved thermal insulation exterior wall panel is a kind of exterior wall decoration material, which has the advantages of fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, waterproof, environmental protection, etc. It is suitable for various buildings, especially high-end villas, hotels, shopping malls and other buildings. Advantage selling point:

it Can effectively prevent fire.

and  insulate heat and reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

It can  reduce the noise pollution of the building.

and also has excellent waterproof performance

finally ,they have good durability and can remain in good condition for a long time.


Product NamePolyurethane metal carved wall panel
Lengthcustomized,2-6m for easy transportation

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